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2022 Ultraviolette F77 Review

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2022 Ultraviolette F77 Review

2022 Ultraviolette F77 Review – My Attitude My Bike : Hello friends, if you are thinking of buying a “Bike” and you have no detailed idea about car, I welcome you to this blog. Today I will let you know – “2022 Ultraviolette F77 Review”.

TVS backed Ultraviolette Automotive has an new electric bike manufacturing start-up company has announced that its first manufacturing and assembly factory will be established near electronic city in Bangalore.

The Ultraviolette Automotive will produce the much-awaited aggressive looking full-faired F77 modern sports electric bike at this plant. The high performance electric bike maker Ultraviolette Automotive announced that it will commence the production of the first batch of its first F77 battery-power full-faired modern sports bike in the March 2022.

Highlights of 2022 Ultraviolette F77 Review

2022 Ultraviolette F77 Review

• Brand Name — Ultraviolette
• Model Name — F77
• Vehicle Type — Electric Bike
• Body Type — Sport Naked Bikes
• Colours Option — Stealth Grey (Shadow), Lightning Silver (Airstrike), Crimson (Laser)
• Engine Type — Electric Engine
• Fuel Type — Electric
• Maximum Power — 33.5 HP (25,000W) @ 2250 rpm
• Maximum Torque — 90 Nm (Motor), 450 Nm (Wheel)
• Number of Gears — 1
• Drivetrain — Chain Drive
• Range — 130 – 150 km
• Top Speed — 147 km/h (Company-Claimed)
• Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h) — 7.5 Seconds
• Seat Height — 800 mm
• Kerb Weight — 158 kg
• Price — ₹ 3,00,000 (Expected)
• Warranty — 1 Years / Limited Warranty,
• Optional Warranty — 2, 3, 4 Years
• Official Tagline — The Future is Now

2022 Ultraviolette F77 Specification

The Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bike is available in three paint options: Shadow, Laser and Lightning. Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bike priced between Rs 3.0 lakh to Rs 3.25 lakh (on-road).

The Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bike sporty theme has been carried forward under the skin as well since it is based on a cast aluminium swingarm and trellis frame.

Powering the Ultraviolette F77 electric bike is a 25kW electric motor which is capable of generating 90Nm of torque. 0-60kmph arrives in 3 seconds, showing that its performance could be akin to entry-level sporty petrol-powered motorcycles.

The Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bike 4.2kWh battery gives a range from 130km to 150km. Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bike featured with a USD fork at the front and a monoshock at the rear.

Key Features of 2022 Ultraviolette F77

• Ultra High-Brightness Automotive TFT LCD,
• Reverse Park Assist,
• Passively Air-Cooled Interior Permanent Magnet AC Motor,
• Arm/Disarm Vehicle Mode Switching,
• USB Phone Charging Interface,
• Adjustable Battery Charge Limits,
• Emergency Contact Alert,
• Lock Down Mode,
• Fall & Crash Sensor,
• LTE connectivity with 3G, 2G Fallback and Integrated eSIM,
• Temperature, Voltage and Current Sensors with Active Tracking and Efficiency Mapping Across the Vehicle,
• Rear and Front Flashers Hazard Light.

Engine & Gearboxe Features of Ultraviolette F77

• Engine Details — 4.2 kWh Battery, Permanent Magnet Air-Cooled AC Motor
• Engine Type — Electric Engine
• Fuel Type — Electric
• Battery Type — Lithium-Ion
• Battery Capacity — 4.2 kWh
• Battery Power — 25,000W
• Motor Type — Passively Air-Cooled Interior Permanent Magnet AC Motor
• Cooling System — Air Cool
• Maximum Power — 33.5 HP (25,000W) @ 2250 rpm
• Maximum Torque — 90 Nm (Motor), 450 Nm (Wheel)
• Gearbox Type — Single Reduction Helical
• Number of Gears — 1
• Drivetrain — Chain Drive
• Transmission — Automatic
• Final Transmission — 46T/14T 520 X-Ring Chain Drive
• Range — 130 – 150 km
• Top Speed — 147 km/h (Company-Claimed)
• Acceleration (0 – 100 km/h) — 7.5 Seconds, (0 – 60 km/h) — 2.9 seconds
• Starting — Push Button Start
• Charger Output — 3000 W
• Charging Time(0-100%) — 5 Hours
• Fast Charging Time — 1.5 Hours
• Ride Modes — 3, Eco, Sport & Insane

Chassis & Suspension Features of Ultraviolette F77

• Frame (Chassis) — Steel Trellis with Aluminium Bulk Head
• Front Suspension — Inverted Cartridge Type Forks (USD)
• Rear Suspension — Gas Charged Preload Adjustable Shock Absorber

Wheels, Tyres & Break Features of Ultraviolette F77

• Wheel Type — Alloy Wheel
• Wheel Size — 17 inches
• Front Wheel Size — 17 inches
• Rear Wheel Size — 17 inches
• Tyres Type — Tubeless
• Front Tyre — 110/70-17
• Rear Tyre — 150/60-17
• Breaking Type — Dual-Channel ABS
• Brake System — Hydraulic Disc Brake with Dual Channel Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
• Front Brake — 320mm Drilled Hole Disc
• Rear Brake — 230mm Drilled Hole Disc
• Brake Fluid — Braided Metal Hose

Physical Measurement Features of Ultraviolette F77

• Saddle Height — 800 mm
• Wheelbase — 1340 mm
• Kerb Weight — 158 kg

Comfort & Safety Features of Ultraviolette F77

• USB Charging
• Step-up Seat/Split Seat
• Pillion Footrest
• Electric Start
• Mobile Charging Socket
• Riding Modes — Eco, Sport, Insane
• Display — TFT LCD
• Passenger Footrest
• Mobile Application
• Operating System — Linux OS
• Fast Charging Time — 1.5 Hours
• Hazard Warning Switch — Rear & Front Flashers Hazard Light
• Rake — 23.5°
• Trail — 89 mm

Electrical Features of Ultraviolette F77

• Battery Type — 3 x Modular Li-ion Battery Packs
• Capacity — 4.2 kWh
• Charging System — CCS Charge Port
• Charger Type — 1kW Standard Vehicle Mounted Charger
• Estimated Charging Time — Standard 5 hr, Fast 1.5 hr
• Head Light — LED
• Head Light Type — Automatic
• LED Front Turn Signal Light
• LED Rear Turn Signal Light
• Position Lamp — Ultra-V Position Light
• Pass Light
• Automatic Headlamp On (AHO)
• Swappable Battery
• Water Proof Rating — 67
• Reverse Assist

Instrumental features of Ultraviolette F77

• Instrument Console — Digital
• Bluetooth Connectivity — Bluetooth,WiFi
• Speedometer — Digital
• Tachometer — Digital
• Odometer — Digital
• Clock — Digital
• ABS Light
• Service Reminder
• Low Battery Indicator
• Mobile Phone Connectivity Via Bluetooth
• Emergency contact alert,
• Fall & crash sensor

2022 Ultraviolette F77 Review : Powertrain & Range

The Ultraviolette F77 bike, which has undergone several thousand kilometres of testing will be a compelling alternative to internal combustion or IC Engine motorcycles. The F77 bike is powered by an air-cooled motor that the company claims produces a max power output of 25kW (33.5hp) and an impressive peak torque of 90Nm.

Powering the motor is a battery with a maximum capacity of 4.2kWh. It uses three slim lithium-ion battery packs and the entire unit takes 5 hours to charge fully via the standard charger, while the fast charger will do it in 1.5 hours.

Ultraviolette has revealed that the F77 does not require all three battery packs to run, but it performs optimally with all of them in use. On a full charge, the F77 has a claimed range of 130-150km. The battery system also comprises a comprehensive list of safety, thermal and battery management features, some of which are patented technologies.

2022 Ultraviolette F77 Review : Performance

The motor powers the rear wheel via a chain drive and there is no clutch or changing gears to bother with – just twist and go. Unfortunately, we had very little time to actually ride. I just managed one full lap of the track and the rest of my 20-odd minutes of time were dedicated to the cameras. Even in such little time, it was clear that the initial acceleration rush is where the fun’s at. Ultraviolette claims a 7.5sec 0-100kph time and the initial acceleration surge certainly feels like it could be capable of that. The strong pull begins to taper past 80kph, but it still gets up to about 115-120kph without a struggle. Ultraviolette claims a top speed of 147kph, but I suspect this will take some distance to achieve. On my one fast lap, I noticed a top speed of 134kph, which puts the Ultraviolette’s performance more in line with 200-250cc machines, rather than the 300cc competition that the spec sheet puts it against.

The good news is that the throttle response is still very smooth and natural feeling, just like on the prototype I rode previously. There’s an interesting and clearly audible whine from the motor and reduction ratio gears, but when a bike makes so little noise, you tend to hear everything else much more clearly. That’s when you realise that the chain can be quite loud – a quiet-running belt drive would have been nicer, even though it would be more expensive and not as easy to keep maintained via the Indian roadside garage ecosystem.

Out on the track, the Ultraviolette’s frame proves to be formidably sharp, thanks to a relatively short wheelbase and an aggressive 23.5-degree steering rake angle. With widely-spaced clip-ons that aren’t too low, it’s very easy to rapidly tip the bike into a corner. In fact, you need to be measured with your movements because the F77 responds as fast, if not faster than an RC 390, and it’ll be interesting to see how this fares in the real world with mid-corner bumps and potholes.

With an impressively low kerb weight of 158kg, this bike loves attacking corners, but the rear suspension felt a little too soft close to the limit and that’s where the expensive Metzeler M7 RR tyres earned their keep. The F77 feels a tiny bit on-edge at the limit, but Ultraviolette tells us they’re still working on fine-tuning the suspension setup. Things may stand to improve, but for now it’s clear that this is a fun, sharp and responsive machine and the same goes for the 320mm front disc brake setup.

Our Opinion

I’m pretty impressed with what the F77 promises on the engineering front and I hope that Ultraviolette can back it all up with the required service, spares, dealer and charging network. Time will tell. As for the question of whether you should consider one of these or is it too early to go for an EV – I think it certainly deserves your attention if you love automobiles. Yes, it could have done with a better range, at least 200kms, especially when motorcycles are known to have a longer range than cars, and yes, apart of its driving dynamics it does feel quite different than the motorcycles we know. But I think It is a very interesting package and so far, one of the more convincing experiments in indigenous electric motorcycles, and being a part of this experiment will only make the future of motorcycling that much more fulfilling.

Thank you all for reading this post. In our today’s article, I have provided detailed information about – (2022 Ultraviolette F77 Review – My Attitude My Bike) the life and we hope that this important article presented by us has proved to be very useful for you and you will be able to understand this article easily. If you like the post, please comment and share your opinion with your loved ones.


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