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DYU D3F Review 2022

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DYU D3F Review 2022

DYU D3F Review 2022 – Enjoy the bike and enjoy the life : Hello friends, if you are thinking of buying a “Electric Mountain Bike” and you have no detailed idea about bike or car, I welcome you to this blog. Today I will let you know – “DYU D3F Review 2022“.

DYU D3F Review 2022 – Enjoy the bike and enjoy the life

DYU D3F Review 2022

The DYU D3F is the most advanced bike in the F-Wheel DYU series. The DYU D3F’s two predecessors, the DYU D1 and D2 blend and bring its own set of improvements, especially focusing on riding comfort.

The DYU D3F has 2 riding modes, a smartphone app for instant access to all bike information, dual disc braking, maximum speed of 25km / h, range up to 60km and the ability to move forward without anything. Today I am going to tell you about F-Wheel’s new electric bike, DYU D3F Review 2022.

Briefly of DYU D3F Review 2022

Brand DYU
Model D3F with Pedal
Color White
Motor 240W Motor
Height Adjustable Height
Battery 10AH Lithium Battery
Tires 14 Inch Inflatable Rubber Tires
Speed Max Speed 25km/h ; Up To 45km Range
Brake Dual Disc BrakesBrand — DYU

Why would you buy a DYU D3F bike?

  • It’s cheap: You have to struggle to find an e-bike that is more affordable than this.
  • Folding handleposts, grab handles and a 38-pound weight make the bike easy to transport.
  • The 360Wh battery is much larger than we expected and gives the bike an amazingly decent range.
  • The capped 15.5 mph top speed makes DYU a little more accessible to kids.
  • The 240W motor has enough jumps around the city to comfortably shake an adult.

Specification of DYU D3F

Body material Aviation aluminum alloy
Weight 18kg
Max load 120kg
Battery capacity 10Ah
Charging time 6 hours
Max speed up to 25km/h
Braking method Front and rear double disc brakes
Seat height Adjustable lifting
Electric life 45±5 km
Boost battery life 65±70km
Tire 14Inches
Folding Size 1170*200*720mm
Spread Size 1170*500*990mm
Weight 18KG
Peal Assist One pedal assist level, cadence sensor
Range 15-35 miles

DYU D3F Review 2022 – Enjoy the bike and enjoy the life

In this DYU D3F review, we dive into the specs and real-world performance of one of the most inexpensive e-bikes money can buy. Powered by a 240W rear hub motor and a surprisingly large 360Wh battery, the DYU D3F is fast becoming a popular option for those on a budget or who just dig the bike’s quirky looks.

DYU D3F Review 2022: Motor Quality

DYU E-bike uses a 240W brushless full-disk motor, strong power for every riding.The motor uses imported Hall software, IPX5 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, strengthn sealing technology, performance platform up to 95%, power increase more than 20%, lower energy consumption.

  • 3 seconds 0-20 Accelerate
  • 25KM/H Maximum speed
  • 20°Maxium climbing.

The motor of DYU D3F is 36V and 250W. The manufacturer has announced a maximum speed of 30km / h but after a few weeks of testing, I was able to reach only 25km / h for pedal support. Note that this is in accordance with the European law of the VAE. The engine has torque and power and you can easily climb all the slopes.

DYU D3F Review 2022: Battery Benefits

DYU D3F Electric Bike has a 240W brushless full-disk motor, it can provide stable and sufficient driving force, and the speed can be up to 25 km/h; 36V 10AH high-capacity removable lithium battery only takes 3-4 hours per charge, which can provide about 17-23 kilometers of riding mileage.

  • Mileage(pure electric):20±3km
  • Assistant-Mileage:25-30km

In the case of a rider 50kg, outdoor temperature 25, 20km/h, the measured endurance up to 23km in the case of constant speed uninterrupted riding.

The DYU D3F has a 36V 10 Ah battery right in the middle of the frame Go to this location to save an electric battery for this form factor It takes a few hours to charge from zero to full battery and the bike seems to hold the charge for a long time. The port for charging is also located here with a cap that never seems to be in place. Not every single e-bike we own seems to fit those small plunger caps. I left around with lots of batteries and wandered around for hours. I will go deeper about certain numbers as you discuss the different ways to ride this bike. With a full metal frame body, the battery is a bit high so there is some weight on the back of the bike. At close to 40 pounds, it takes some technique to boot the car. By breaking the handle bars and lowering the seat all the way down, the bike forces itself to be compact enough to fit in most sedan trunks. This is a big advantage that does not match the reasons of other big e-bike forms.

DYU D3F Review 2022: Ride Comfort, Handling and Cockpit

The DYU D3F steering is extremely fast and twists, and with the slender handlebars, even small holes can push the front end away from you. There are no suspensions, so you can feel a lot of road and, although this is probably not to say, the cockpit is very compact for full size adults. Although compact, inexpensive, and cool to some, the DYU’s extremely small size and 14-inch wheels are not the most forgiving for handling.

But, put the DYU D3F bike under a more suitable size kid and that seems to have reduced a lot of problems like those clown-cars. Our junior Test rider, a 10 year old, felt very safe and secure at DYU. Her parents made her feel comfortable riding in it; So comfortable that they are about to switch from an electric scooter to DYU for her school commute.

DYU D3F Review 2022: Small hard wheels and optimized braking

The DYU D3F bike has front and rear disc brakes that allow braking distance of 1.8 meters in sunny weather and 2.5 meters in rainy weather. A fairly short braking distance, which strengthens the safety aspect of this electric bike.

DYU D3F tire size is 14 inches. At first I was a bit confused about the size but in the end I have no worries because the manufacturer bets on the quality of the product. These are made of very resistant rubber which prevents the tires from getting damaged very quickly. The tire design is designed to improve the handling of the bike in rainy weather. The bike is IP65 rated, so it is water resistant.

DYU D3F Review 2022: Effective Use

The DYU D3F bike feels much more refined and functional. When you add extra aesthetics like headlamps and rear fog lighting, the DYU bike is quite an attractive package. There are both front and rear disc brakes that work well enough with our bikes in a month. I think that in terms of safety, some care needs to be taken when applying the brakes. For this type of form factor, there must be plenty of shaky houses to work to reach the full stop. It is expected with such a small wheel base.

DYU D3F Review 2022: Hill Test

The DYU D3F says it’s not a mountain-friendly e-bike. This is going to be the best jeeping around a suburb or perhaps a flat urban area. With a scratch-up pedaling position and a very decent 240W motor, we rarely expect the DYU D3F to stand a chance against our test heel heel holes.

At an average of one mile long and one-third of a 12 percent gradient, the Hell Hole is steep enough and long enough, let alone a light-powered minibike, to push even the most powerful e-bikes we review. But we tried.

We tried two timed tests of the DYU up heel hole, one using only the throttle and the other in the bike’s sole pedal support setting. None of them succeeded, the bike quickly failed at the bottom of the hill.

Both of these failures occurred with me riding a bike, a full-grown 170-pound adult male. But, considering it an e-bike that would often be used by kids, we asked our junior test rider to see what would happen under the control of a small, light man in the third race in Hell Hole. Surprisingly, DYU easily cleared the hill.

Obviously a steep or tall hill like Hell Hole isn’t going to be DYU’s cup of tea (especially if you’re an adult), but I’d say I’d be pleasantly surprised by the bike’s riding ability.

There are many rolling hills in our area, many of which can pitch well and go a long distance. DYU has tackled an amazing amount of them, and although this is an e-bike that I think would be more throttle than paddling, the little paddling in the mountains goes a long way to help the motor.

DYU D3F Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

The bike was also quite easy to assemble. Alex put it all together in less than 5 minutes in the office. We were both pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the seat was. Some bike seats are so sturdy that your tash gets damaged as soon as you sit on it. This seat is not too soft for the bike seat but smooth enough. It’s actually really comfortable. Honestly, for 499, it’s really no longer a toy. With gas at an all-time high, I see a lot of people in different situations relying on it for travel purposes. This compact has helped you paddle a bike into a game changer to get you across town. It was a mistake to use Swagcycle as a full-time commuter bike; Which is absolutely no problem with this bike. The DYU D3F is not the smoothest ride, nor is it the best looking e-bike in the world, but it has a lot of elegance and offers a lot of functionality that is worth considering.

Our Opinion

The small size of the DYU D3F is not the most comfortable for adults on long journeys. Handling can be a little twitchy and unexpected. The brakes in our review model are reversed, the right lever controls the front brake and the left lever controls the rear brake.

Thank you all for reading this post. In our today’s article, I have provided detailed information about – (DYU D3F Review 2022 – Enjoy the bike and enjoy the life) the life and we hope that this important article presented by us has proved to be very useful for you and you will be able to understand this article easily. If you like the post, please comment and share your opinion with your loved ones.


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