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TVS Raider 125 Review 2022

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TVS Raider 125 Review

TVS Raider 125 Review 2022 – Enjoy the bike and enjoy the life : Hello friends, if you are thinking of buying a “Bike or Car” and you have no detailed idea about bike or car, I welcome you to this blog. Today I will let you know – “TVS Raider 125 Review 2022“.

Let me tell you that at present India is the largest market in the world for two-wheeled bikes and a huge number of these markets come from the commuter motorcycle segment. You may prefer performance motorcycles and fast machines, but you have to agree that without commuter motorcycles, the Indian market would not be as it is today.

TVS Raider 125 Review 2022

TVS Raider 125 Review

TVS Motor Company is a well known name in the commuter motorcycle segment in India. With popular motorcycles like the Apache, Victor, Starcity, and even to a lesser extent Fioro, TVS cemented its place in the commuter motorcycle space in the past as a permanent one.

Now, TVS Motorcycle Company has come up with a “new premium” commuter motorcycle. The Raider 125cc marks the return of TVS in the motorcycle segment and is priced at Rs. 77,500 (initial price). Read the end of this article to know more about TVS Raider 125.

Specifications of TVS Raider 125

Mileage (ARAI) 67 kmpl
Displacement 124.8 cc
Engine Type Single cylinder, 4 stroke, fuel injection, air-oil cooled, spark ignition engine
No. of Cylinders 1
Max Power 11.38 PS @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque 11.2 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Fuel Capacity 10 L
Body Type Sports Naked Bikes

Features of TVS Raider 125

Charging Point Optional
DRLs Yes
Riding Modes Yes
Service Due Indicator Yes
Speedometer Digital
Odometer Digital
Tripmeter Digital

Style and Design of TVS Raider 125

If you are watching TVS Raider 125 for the first time without any idea, it is almost impossible for you to understand that it is a 125cc commuter motorcycle. The TVS Raider 125 looks like a 160 – 180cc street bike. The motorcycle has a variety of new features that make it attractive to the crowd.

The TVS Raider 125 bike is available in multiple colors like glossy blazing Blue, Fiery Yellow, Striking Red, Wicked Black colors, although the yellow shade of the motorcycle is very attractive to us. The bike has mainly fuel tank, front mudguard and engine bashplate in the same glossy blazing Blue, Fiery Yellow, Striking Red, Wicked Black colors. The tank extensions are finished in gloss black and have a gray component underneath. The gray finish also continues to the rear-end.

All of this combined to make the TVS Raider125 more premium than the current motorcycle market competition. It totally depends on your personal taste and preference. If you don’t like Blazing Yellow, there are three more interesting colors – Striking Red, Wicked Black and Blazing Blue. Wicked black shades are pretty easy to see, but I found Blazing Blue to be the most appealing.

While the design inspiration for the TVS Raider 125 seems to have been inspired by the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, the Rider is a brand new motorcycle based on a new platform. The TVS Raider’s LED Headlight is the most advanced standalone design component. For its unique X-shaped LED DRLs and LEDs it comes with both high and low beams.

Just above it is a small flyscreen and behind it is an LCD instrument cluster. The device looks nice and gives a lot of information. The front mudguard is a dual-tone unit and then the petal disc brakes add to the design.

Take a look at the huge fuel tank with Raider 125 extensions that will immediately grab your attention. The motorcycle is not too big in size, but this fuel tank gives you the idea that it is quite large. It is really muscular and interesting that the amount of fuel tank affects the design of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle runs on a typical six-spoke alloy wheel. Side panel rider badging, engine cooling fin, split seat arrangement, upswept exhaust and large gravel are some of the notable design elements of the new TVS rider. The bassplate under the engine adds a youthful and sporty design.

The back of the TVS Raider 125 is simple but comes with a sporty setup. Tail lamp is a split LED unit with a unique design. The turn signal indicator is illuminated by a halogen bulb. The sari guard is another design element that can be noticed as it is quite large and has side steps.

Overall, the TVS Raider 125 is a premium commuter that looks really sporty and attractive. The design and styling is bound to appeal to younger buyers who want something sporty, yet affordable and usable.

Features of TVS Raider 125

The TVS Raider 125 is aimed at young buyers (Gen-Z) around the world. One of the basic needs of young viewers around the world is the appearance of a good long feature and equipped the TVS rider with the exact same fit. Right off the bat, it is safe to say that no other 125cc motorcycle rider in India gets such a long list of features.

As mentioned above, LEDs power the rider’s headlamps and tail lamps. This makes the rider the only motorcycle in the 125cc segment equipped with an LED headlamp whereas others only work with LED DRL. The instrumentation is powered by a super informative inverted LCD screen. It displays speedometer, odometer, tachometer, trip meter, range, fuel economy, ride mode and even gets a top / average speed recorder.

Switchgear is brand new. To the left of the handlebars are lights and horn switches. On the right is the one-touch starter button and the engine kill switch has been replaced by a switch for ride modes. You can choose between Echo and Power mode by shaking this switch. The TVS Raider also has a USB slot in front of the fuel tank to help charge your smartphone.

The TVS Raider 125 will also retail a top-spec variant of the motorcycle with a large 5-inch TFT display. This display will be loaded with features including TVS ‘SmartXConnect smartphone connection suite. It will get high-speed alerts, message alert alerts, digital document displays, etc.

Note: If you are used to using an engine kill switch to turn off the engine, this new ride mode switch will take some time to get used to.

Engine performance and riding impressions of the TVS Raider 125

The new TVS Raider 125 engine is a one-touch starter and it almost immediately and quietly animates the engine, which makes you feel the moment you stop the starter button, making a difference and the premium feel that it brings to the segment. It makes you realize that TVS has brought a whole new ballgame in the 125cc segment.

The TVS Raider is powered by a 124.8cc, single-cylinder air and oil-cooled engine. It has a maximum power output of 11.2bhp at 7,500rpm and peak torque output of 11.2Nm at 6,000rpm. A 5-speed gearbox drives the rear wheel. If you look at the whole, the output is not much.

The TVS claims a maximum speed of 99km / h, but can be clocked at speeds up to 107km / h. The engine, though in a crouched, tucked position on a long straight, can be operated at a steep riding position, 101 km / h.

It has an integrated starter generator (ISG) that works here and it gives the motorcycle a rather premium feel. Then there are the extraction notes. Several iconic TVS motorcycles in the past had deep, heavy exhaust notes and the new TVS Raider took it further.

If one hears the exhaust note from a distance without looking at the bike, it is almost impossible to guess that it is a 125cc engine that produces this sound. The motorcycle makes a great soundtrack across the rev-range. It sounds a bit stressful at the 6,500rpm post but up to that point it’s pretty fun.

It’s not sporty enough for the TVS Racing badges, but it’s more sporty than other motorcycles that don’t play the TVS Racing logo. The mystery of this sport lies in the power-to-weight ratio. Talking about the power-to-weight ratio in reference to a commuter motorcycle is a bit unethical, but we’re going anyway.

Note: The TVS Raider 125 is the fourth most powerful 125cc motorcycle sold in India after the KTM 125 Duke, KTM RC 125, and Bajaj Pulsar NS 125. This is definitely a big deal because it is a premium commuter motorcycle and others are performance motorcycles.

At 123 kilograms, the TVS Raider weighs less than the motorcycle mentioned above. Saddle, this translates to a fun experience. Acceleration is fast, and before you know it, you have exceeded 60 km / h ৷ Even speeds of up to 90 km / h come up very quickly, but after that the speed of the motorcycle decreases.

The TVS Raider 125 motorcycle is very chic and agile. It is bound to be a boon in the urban jungle, where most TVS riders will spend their lives. The low-end torque is great and it pulls less than 2,000rpm in 5th gear and it adds more rideability. If you decide to take it on the open road, the motorcycle can reach speeds of 70km / h at 5000rpm and 90km / h at around 6,500rpm. Cruising at speeds of up to 90 km / h can be a bit stressful, but long distances of 70-75 km / h are possible.

Speaking of the riding position, the upper half of the rider’s body is in a relaxed position for the handlebars. The lower half, on the other hand, adopts a sporty posture for the position of the footpaths. This allows the rider to grip the fuel tank very well.

The suspension duty is guided by a 30mm telescopic fork at the front and a 5-step adjustable monogram at the rear. The setup is more towards the soft side and it takes away the stability when cornering at high speeds. However, trying to push the motorcycle to the far right on the TVS test track was a fun experience. The soft suspension should create the quality of a flexible ride on uneven, pothole-filled roads. Stay tuned for our full road test review to learn more about this aspect.

The brakes are also strong. It comes with a 240mm petal disc at the front and a 130mm disc at the rear, complemented by a combined braking mechanism. Pushing on the rear brake pedal also applies the front brakes and it stops the motorcycle very fast. More feedback from the front brake lever would have been better, but it’s not something you’ll really notice in everyday use situations.

The TVS Raider mounts on a 17-inch alloy wheel show with the TVS Eurogrip Remora tires. Remora brand tires always provide great and exceptional grip levels and rider tires are no different. You need to push the rear brake lever really hard to lock the wheel. The front end just clung to the track. It remains to be seen how they perform on the streets.

Competition of TVS Raider 125

Until a few years ago one could only find passengers in the 125cc section. Now though, there is a division between passenger and performance motorcycles in the same 125cc segment. Competition in the 125cc segment has always been rather cut throat. The TVS Raider slots directly between the two sides of the 125cc segment. It’s sporty enough to hold a candle like the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 and somewhat even the KTM 125 Duke. At the same time, it is also very comfortable for your daily commute. This seems to be the perfect combination for young buyers in the segment.

Bikes like the KTM 125 Duke, RC 125, and Bajaj Pulsar finish the segment’s performance. On the other hand, bikes like Honda SP 125, Bajaj Pulsar 125, Honda CB Shine, Hero Glamor i3S, etc. make the commuter side of the segment.

TVS Raider 125 Price in India

Popular City Price
Delhi Rs. 84,573
Mumbai Rs. 84,541
Kolkata Rs. 87,973
Jaipur Rs. 87,949
Noida Rs. 86,165
Pune Rs. 84,541
Hyderabad Rs. 87,774
Chennai Rs. 90,411
Bangalore Rs. 89,963
Gurgaon Rs. 88,120


Does TVS Raider have tubeless tyres?

What is the engine cc for TVS Raider?
TVS Raider is 124.8 cc.

What is the HP of TVS Raider?
TVS Raider is 11.38 PS @ 7500 rpm.

Our opinion

Today’s commuter motorcycles have come a long way from their simple, basic beginnings. TVS Rider is proof of that! With some premium features and a butter-smooth powertrain, it seems to be fully prepared to rule the game in the premium commuter segment. The first look of TVS Raider 125 fascinated us. Thanks to TVS for bringing the fun back to the 125cc segment.

Thank you all for reading this post. In our today’s article, I have provided detailed information about – TVS Raider 125 Review 2022 – Enjoy the bike and enjoy the life and we hope that this important article presented by us has proved to be very useful for you and you will be able to understand this article easily. If you like the post, please comment and share your opinion with your loved ones.


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