Experts have warned that the UK could be headed for another energy emergency next winter.

As the UK negotiates with the expanding gas reserves in the conflict. During the last one year,

Households around the world have faced the most obviously dire effects of the worldwide petroleum derived energy emergency.

One of the reasons Britain is struggling

that the country has the smallest amount of gas reserves in Europe,

Which makes it defenseless against cost escalation.

In October, the public authority was warned that it only had nine days of gas supply left,

This was in stark contrast to the 89 days provision held in Germany and 103 days in France.

Nevertheless, both were scrambling to reserve gas supplies amid fears of Russia diverting products to the EU.

Huge petroleum products to fight the energy emergency,

Centrica, the parent organization of English Gas, announced last year

That it has restarted a gas site halfway up the North Ocean called Apiri.

site which lies at the bottom of the North Ocean off the Yorkshire coast,

was resumed at the request of the public authority,

Amidst fears that the UK could face power cuts at this colder time of year.

The energy firm observed that the office would "consider putting away less expensive gas for the colder months and for families

will help reduce or streamline costs".