Unfortunately, the absolute best Xbox Game Pass bargains are formally no more.

In recent years, first-time supporters of Xbox Game Pass could get one-month access to Support's vast library of games for just $1/£1.

With tons of games, from moment one AAA blockbusters to some obscure independent diamonds,

was being presented for almost nothing,

It was a system that was too cool to even consider missing

And that potentially added to the immense notoriety of the Netflix-style game.

Extending their membership after the trial is over. This is very sad

that Microsoft has chosen to hack this advancement

And it's currently working on better ways to urge players to get on board with the Game Pass craze.

In a statement to The Age, Kari Perez, head of global communications at Xbox, said,

"We have closed our previous offers for Xbox Game Pass Extreme and Computer Game Pass early