Many experts said that stronger, costlier, than anywhere else on the planet

Blame geography for being hit by more varied and frequent extreme weather.

Two oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, the Rocky Mountains, flanking peninsulas such as Florida,

Colliding storm fronts and jet streams naturally combine to produce the worst weather ever.

That's only part of it. Several experts told The Associated Press that nature dealt the United States a bad hand,

But people have made it worse. Then add climate change, and "buckle.

More extreme events are expected," said Rick Spinrad, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Tornadoes.

storm. Flash floods. Dry. Forest fire. ice storm. Snow storm. Nor Easters.

Lake Effect Snow. heat waves. severe thunderstorms. hail. lightning.

atmospheric rivers. Derechos. dust storms. Monsoon. Bomb Cyclone.

and the dreaded polar vortex.