Shadowcat. Ghost. Ariel. Commander Kate Pryde. Red Sovereign of the Damnation Club.

X-Man Kate "Kitty" Pryde has been known by many monikers,

And in the X-Men event Fall of X, Staging Fuel Freak would assume another name:

shadow Cat. Wonder Comics announced the codename spelling change during the fall X board at Megacon Orlando,

Where the distributor kicked off the New X-Men era with a single shot was July's X-Men: Damnation Opportunity #1.

When Fall of X begins, the X-Men may end:

Wolverine, Powerful Iron Man, Uncanny Insect Man,

and the 13-title hybrid event joining the Uncanny Vindicators and Mutants on the Island of the Living

Takes steps to destroy everything that the caste has achieved. of Kraków.

As the X-Men find their direction through their breaking points,

Kitty undergoes an extreme transformation during the fall of Pride X.