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Euphree City Robin Review 2022

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Euphree City Robin Review 2022

Euphree City Robin Review 2022 – Enjoy the Bike and Enjoy the Life : Hello friends, if you are thinking of buying a “Electric Bike” and you have no detailed idea about bike or car, I welcome you to this blog. Today I will let you know – “Euphree City Robin Review 2022”.

Euphree City Robin Review 2022 – Enjoy the Bike and Enjoy the Life

Euphree City Robin Review 2022

EUPHREE is an American company based in Houston, Texas. Euphree City Robin 2022 is built by EUPHREE e-bikes for your comfortable travel. The EUPHREE team wants you to enjoy riding with the EUPHREE e-bike. EUPHREE launched in 2019 and sold the first e-bikes in 2020. You can choose to buy online or sell in person at the EUPHREE location. If you want to change the color / model of your e-bike, you need to do so before placing your order.

EUPHREE Citi Robin 2022 is the new model from EUPHREE Company which is selling at $ 1,998.00 with some minor improvements, whereas City Robin 2021 is priced at $ 1,698.00. You can choose to buy any one from here, but City Robin 2021 does not have a specific color stock. Now the question that comes to your mind is what is the best affordable class 3 electric bike to buy in the market EUPHREE City Robin 2022? Let’s find out – EUPHREE City Robin Review 2022.

Briefly of Euphree City Robin Review 2022

The Euphree City Robin model 2022 is the best commuter cruiser ebike yet. It has built in premium features to enhance your riding experience. With more carrying capacity, hydraulic disc brakes, a tailored seat position and full suspension you will do more and ride longer in your city.

  • Product Name – EUPHREE City Robin 2022.
  • Battery — 48V, 14Ah (672Wh)
  • Motor — 500W rear hub motor, 80Nm of torque
  • Range — Up to 60 miles
  • Display — Full color LCD display
  • Peal Assist — Five levels of pedal assist, cadence sensor
  • Headlight — Integrated
  • Taillights — Integrated
  • Throttle — Thumb throttle
  • Selling Price – $1,998.00 (City Robin 2022). $1,698.00 (City Robin 2021)
  • Warranty – 2 years (14 Day Return Policy)

Specification of EUPHREE City Robin 2022b:

  • Frame — Aluminum alloy step-thru frame.
  • Suspension — Front suspension forks 100 mm travel.
  • Motor — 500W rear hub motor, 860W peak.
  • Battery — 48V 14Ah lithium battery.
  • Top speed – 28 mph.
  • Travel range – Up to 60 miles.
  • Brake — hydraulic brake 180mm rotors.
  • Pedal — 5 levels Pedal Assist and Thumb Throrrle.
  • Seat — Suspension seat 50mm travel.
  • Metal fenders.
  • Saddle — VELO Saddle.
  • Handlebars — ZOOM Handlebar.
  • Spokes — 13g front spokes and 12g rear spokes.
  • Tires — KENDA 27.5″ x 2.2″ Tires.
  • Load Capacity – 285 Ibs.
  • Rider’s Height – 5’3″ – 6’5″.

Other Highlights Euphree City Robin 2022 Bike:

The seat suspension, which can travel 50mm, so you don’t feel any obstruction.
The Euphree City Robin 2022 is equipped with an 850W advanced power motor that can quickly climb mountains or provide assistance if you need it.
The Samsung 672Wh lithium battery is durable to use, can certainly support a selective area of ​​20,000 miles.
The front suspension forks can boast a sturdy trip of 100mm, you can certainly go comfortably in any boundaries or holes.
City Robin 2022 Class 1, 2 or 3 can be customized according to local rules so you can ride anywhere legally and safely.

EUPHREE City Robin Review 2022: First Impression

EUPHREE City Robin Review 2022 Built around a Class 3 500W motor and 672Wh battery, City Robin is no slouch when it comes to power. But with its step-through design and straight riding position, that power is combined with the very comfortable and predictable handling that is available to riders of all levels.

With Class 3 speeds for this model year, a step-by-step frame and a host of new features, the 2022 Edition of the Euphrates City Robin is an incredibly comfortable and fast electric commuter bike. While some companies have opted to completely redesign a bike for the new model year, Euphrie has made a light touch with their 2022 City Robin. Several small changes for this year have had a big impact on the feel of the bike.

Euphree City Robin Review 2022 : Battery Performance & Range

With standard size tires, a good pedaling position and a 500W hub motor that is not as power hungry as its larger parts, the City Robin’s battery works very, very well. Compared to other e-bikes of the same style and price, the Efri City Robin’s 48V, 14Ah (674Wh) batteries are fairly standard in size.

Get an idea of ​​what kind of battery life you can expect when riding the bike conservatively versus riding with power. You will see good results in both cases. While riding the bike conservatively, the City Robin made an average range of 58.73 miles per 12.4 miles per hour and will get a range of 27.01 miles per hour while riding with power at 17.9 miles per hour. Consistent with what you expect from such a bike.

Euphree City Robin Review 2022 : Motor Performance, Speed and Acceleration

The Euphree City Robin 2022 is powered by a 500W rear hub motor with a throttle and five-level pedal support set for a Class 3 speed setting, meaning the bike is capable of 28 miles per hour using pedal support and 20 miles per hour using throttle. The Lap and City Robin pedals are nicely found on their own without any help from the motor, which will help with battery efficiency.

This motor is fitted with a cadence sensor that detects if you are paddling or costing. Cadence sensors work a lot like an on / off switch, so you can’t manipulate how much power you get from the motor while pedaling, it’s fairly responsive. Euphree city Robin offered customers the option between programming a beautiful and more aggressive motor when ordering a City Robin. But based on customer feedback, the 2022 version of the bike comes in stock with the toned down version.

Euphree City Robin 2022 Review : Pro Class 3 Electric Bike

An American company must provide the best service to its local customers without hindrance or hidden motives. City Robin 2022 can easily climb any hill, making it the best choice for use in mountain town.

The City Robin 2022 is the ultimate comfortable e-bike since it is equipped with leather handles, VELO seat, suspension seat shank and front fork. The frame has a lifetime warranty with smooth welding technology as well as stylish appearance with internal battery.

With the CIty Robin 2022, you can drive more cars with a lot of serious fun because Samsung’s battery can support a 60 mile range. Bike. The built-in rear rack has a payload of 100 Ibs, so you can use it to carry cargo or hang out with your kids.

The virtual display can benefit the new buyer because the buyer can ask him all the questions. You can easily follow the video instructions to assemble the new electric bike because the assembly steps are simple and easy.

Euphree City Robin 2022 Review : Comfort Ride and Handling

Although billed as the Euphree City Robin Commuter, the bike’s step-by-step frame and comfortable steep geometry bear an striking resemblance to the Ultra Led-Back Beach Cruiser. It is supported by 100mm front suspension fork and SR Santour NCX suspension seatpost. In addition to its speed, new rear racks and generally good looks, comfort seems to be a focal point for the 2022 City Robin.

Similar to the quality of the ride, the handling of the City Robin is very quiet, predictable and feels stable on various road surfaces. This bike was originally designed for use on sidewalks, but the addition of Nabia’s Canada tires allows the bike to be gripped in more variable terrain – think of the occasional gravel path or dirt shoulder.

City Robin used to bring a center-mounted LCD display but it has been changed to a side-mounted LCD on the left side of the handlebars. It’s a colorful display, which is always nice, and the buttons have been integrated into the display housing to select the power button and PAS level.

Our Opinion

The Euphree City Robin 2022 is remarkably comfortable with its commuter-like speed and cruiser-like body position. This 500W rear hub motor is very fast on flat ground. There is a great range for the size of the 672 Wh battery which is very comparable to its competition. Adding welded rear rack is really nice. The extra payload capacity will help those who want to carry less. It really is that Euphree City will be one step ahead with Robin.

Thank you all for reading this post. In our today’s article, I have provided detailed information about – (Euphree City Robin Review 2022 – Enjoy the Bike and Enjoy the Life) the life and we hope that this important article presented by us has proved to be very useful for you and you will be able to understand this article easily. If you like the post, please comment and share your opinion with your loved ones.


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