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iGo Core-Edge Review 2022

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iGo Core-Edge Review 2022

iGo Core-Edge Review 2022 – Enjoy the Bike and Enjoy the Life : Hello friends, if you are thinking of buying a “Electric Bike” and you have no detailed idea about bike or car, I welcome you to this blog. Today I will let you know – “iGo Core-Edge Review 2022”.

iGo Core-Edge Review 2022 – Enjoy the Bike and Enjoy the Life

iGo Core-Edge Review 2022

iGo Core-Edge is a Canadian e-bike brand, billing Core-Edge as a “sustainable trail bike” designed to handle “gravel tracks and those forest paths” and I would evaluate it in the same vein. It is made in the image of an eMTB with flat bars, front suspension, nabi tires and more aggressive frames. But its hub motor and more affordable components, among other things, make its definition smaller than a full trail-ready EMTB.

The iGo Core-Edge is not a bike that will go absolutely wherever you want it to go, but it will easily go more than your average affordable e-bike. This bike will definitely get dirty, but it will be much happier on double track roads and relatively smooth gravel paths.

Briefly of iGo Core-Edge Review 2022

The iGo Core-Edge model 2022 is the best commuter cruiser ebike yet. It has built in premium features to enhance your riding experience. With more carrying capacity, hydraulic disc brakes, a tailored seat position and full suspension you will do more and ride longer in your city.

  • Battery — 48V, 12Ah (576Wh)
  • Motor — 500W geared rear hub motor, 50Nm of torque
  • Range — Up to 47 miles
  • Display — LCD Display
  • Headlight — Included
  • Taillights — N/A
  • Peal Assist — 9 levels of pedal assist (stock)
  • Throttle — Thumb throttle

Specification of iGo Core-Edge 2022

  • MOTOR — 500W (750W peak) geared brushless rear hub motor
  • TORQUE — up to 50Nm
  • CONTROLLER — 20A 48V, 12 MOSFET hi-power cut off
  • BATTERY TYPE — 3000mAh Lithium-Ion removable battery
  • BATTERY (AH) — 12Ah
  • RANGE — 75km (47mi) *
  • POWER ASSIST — 9 Levels of power assisted pedalling
  • THROTTLE — Any time on demand thumb throttle
  • SENSOR — Electronic 32 pulse Cadence Sensor Integrated into the bottom bracket
  • CLASS** — Class 2 **
  • BATTERY CHARGER — 110/220V Smart charger, LED status ,CUL, 2A
  • Frame — Hydroformed 6061 Aluminum 27.5 hardtail MTB frame with smooth welds. Fender mounts, internal cable routing, Electronic Access Port. Removable integrated battery with security lock.
  • COLOR — Forest Green and Black
  • FORKRST — Blaze 27.5 eMTB suspension
    100mm travel, lockout, quick release
  • HANDLEBAR — Low Riser handlebar, 700mm, 20 degree rise, 31.8mm dia.
  • GRIPS — VELO double density 125mm
  • STEM — Adjustable threadless 105mm with 0 to 60 degree rise
  • SEATPOST — Alloy 30.4mm with quick release (350mm)
  • BRAKE LEVERS — TEKTRO with reach adjustment and actuated power cut off
  • BRAKE CALIPERS — TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc
  • ROTORS — 180mm
  • TIRES — 27.5”x2.4” CST Rock Hawk
  • RIMS — GO double wall alloy

iGo Core-Edge Review 2022 : First Impression

The iGo Core-Edge 2022 is built around a 500W rear hub motor that produces up to 50Nm of torque and a 48V, 12Ah (576Wh) battery for more demanding in solid range and even in off-road outdoor environments. In its stock format, that motor is divided into nine levels of PAS for super refined motor support and is deployed via a significantly responsive cadence sensor.

Considering that many affordable hub-powered e-bikes have no more than five (and sometimes, it may seem like many), the nine levels of PAS are much higher. The drivetrain is a Shimano Altus 8-speed setup that works well off-road and the braking is driven by a set of tectro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotor on the front and rear.

So, if you are looking for a single track trail bike that will handle more technical riding, then this is probably not the bike for you. But if you want to explore some off-road environment that is challenging on a car but more navigable on a bike, this is a great option. At roughly $ 2,400 MSRP, the component kit is also tough.

At list, any good off-road e-bike should be as it should be, using RST Blaze front fork with core-edge 100mm suspension.

iGo Core-Edge Review 2022 : Battery Performance and Range

The iGo CCore-Edge 2022 uses Samsung Certified Cell and the stock battery is a 48 volt 10.4 ah, (500 watt hour power). There is a USB port at the top right of the battery so you can charge your smartphone, tablet, etc. on the go. The lithium battery is housed in the bottom tube of the frame for a very clean appearance and the tube in the upper frame provides some extra protection by maintaining a low step from the height.

Lithium batteries are placed in the downtube of the frame for low and centralized weight distribution, which is good for overall bike handling. An optional 48 volt 13 AH battery (624 watt hours) is available at an additional cost of $ 299. The charger is the size of a laptop charger and takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery. Battery bikes can be charged on or off.

The iGO fills the core-edge with a 48V, 12Ah (576Wh) battery inside the downtube of the frame. low-power testing on the PAS 3, the Core-Edge lasted 37.3 miles at an average speed of 12.81 miles per hour. And on the PAS 5, at the bike’s highest assist level, it lasted 24.43 mph with an average speed of 16.9 mph.

iGO did a good job selecting this battery; It is large enough to hold weight and balconies low and long enough to travel at maximum power. Batteries are often the heaviest component of an e-bike and by keeping it small they keep the bike a little lighter and a little more agile.

iGo Core-Edge Review 2022 : Smooth Handling and Comfort Ride

The iGO Core-Edge is built into the eMTB image with flat handlebars, navy tires and a forgiving but aggressive geometry. And although there are many reasons to refrain from calling it a full-fledged eMTB – including weight, power delivery and component stability – it certainly operates like an e-bike designed for off-road.

Its new but standard-width tires grip very well when still snug, the RST front fork does a decent job of cutting bumps (although this is not something I repeatedly recommend removing the drops) and its neutral handling loose and confident . Variable terrain.

The body position is fairly straight and comfortable, and has an adjustable stem that gives riders even greater ability to adjust their reach and how straight they want to sit.

For those looking to take the core-edge in more technological terrain, keep in mind that the rear hub motor moves the bike’s center of gravity far behind an eMTB or traditional bicycle. This makes the bike fly off the funnel (you’d be surprised how often even the youngest MTBers drop their wheels off the ground, even for short distances) and because of that extra mass the rear end can be unexpectedly hardened by rocks and other objects. If you are using the bike the way it was intended – on the road to fire and smooth gravel – you should not encounter these too often, but be careful if you push the envelope.

In many cases, the Core-Edge is an e-bike with one foot in two worlds. Some material and design choices hint at off-road exploration (e.g. navy, fork and frame design) while others are more reminiscent of on-road commuters and cruisers (such as adjustable stem, kickstand and hub motors).

iGo Core-Edge Review 2022 : Features and Efficacy

The iGo Core-Edge 2022 has an LCD display on the left side of the handlebars which shows the battery mode and error diagnostics including driving mode, pedal assist level, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, voltage reading. The display is able to point out error codes that will automatically diagnose a problem with an element. The display is backlit for better visibility both day and night.

3 different driving modes can be chosen: Eco, Normal and Power. Also, there are 8 paddle support levels for each of these driving modes so you can fine tune how the bike works. Paddle assist is a cadence sensor type assist.

The thumb throttle on the left side of the display lets you ride with or without a pedal, and it can override the pedal support. This is effective if you want to increase strength to quickly cross an intersection.

There’s a walking mode that helps speed up to ~ 3.7 miles per hour and it helps when you’re riding a bike up a steep hill or staircase. It is activated by holding the + button on the display.

There is a USB port at the bottom of the display for charging smartphones, tablets, etc. on the go. The controller and rear motor are equipped with the same quick connector which simplifies service problems.

On the right is the Shimano 8 speed trigger shifter with rear tectro disc brake lever. The brake lever has a built-in electronic sensor that shuts off motor assistance when the brake lever is engaged. And last but not least, the bell!

The Promax adjustable stem with quick release lever makes it easy to adjust the height and reach of the handlebars. Promax stem with quick release lever opened.Promax stem has been adjusted to a new height and reach.

It is a front tectro aris mechanical disc brake with 160mm stainless steel rotor. And rear Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes with 160mm stainless steel rotor. The cranks have a smooth design and the paddles provide a stiff grip.

See the CST Zeppelin 28 ″ x 2 ″ tire here. CST Zeppelin tires have a center ridge for rolling efficiency and a side groove for water dripping.

The front light is mounted with a fork so that the light is not blocked by the items placed in the front rack. The light also illuminates the front tires and rims which is a great protection feature along with the reflective side walls of the tires.

The front and rear lights are attached to the battery pack so you don’t have to worry about charging the lights separately. The rear light is kept in the rear rack and goes away from the main battery pack of the Ebike.

The front and rear aluminum racks have a sturdy appearance and can be removed from the frame if desired. The front rack can handle up to 20 pounds.

The back rack is capable of carrying a variety of bags, pans or baskets for commuting or traveling. The front and back of the fender are a nice stock accessory. The rear rack can handle up to 55 pounds. The front and rear fenders have a flexible flap at the ends to keep water spray to a minimum. The saddle has a comfortable profile with a relief section in the middle.

iGO Core-Edge Review 2022 : Motor Performance, Speed and Acceleration

The iGo Core-Edge 2022 is especially true for e-bikes designed to ride in off-road environments, where razor sharp motor engagement can be the difference between discussing a feature and not, and dozens of hub-powered e-bikes. Edge’s motor sensitivity may be the best. There is virtually no hesitation between when you start paddling and when the motor kicks (or vice versa when you stop paddling). This makes the motor feel very fine tuned and usable in hard terrain.

In addition to how fast the iGo Core-Edge works, the Core-Edge 500W motor is an excellent size for off-road applications. There are larger motor options on the market, and most people think that more watts is better, but 500W hub motors have a thing as a very powerful motor as big as you want off-road and hit a nice balance between iGO power and accuracy.

This motor produces 50Nm of torque, which translates to better power when climbing and accelerating to the real world, not a ton on paper. Overall this motor was a good choice for a hub-drive bike designed to go off-road.

Our Opinion

The core-edge does an excellent job of balancing purchasing power and off-road durability. The 500W rear hub motor is significantly guaranteed and rides better than many 750W e-bikes we have reviewed. Weight is important for such a bike, and a 576Wh battery is enough for good range. Maintains an excellent balance between growing up and being small enough to stay light.

CST tires grip well and give good control over changing terrain. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes work great. The 32 pulse cadence sensor is one of the best we have reviewed. It is highly responsive and finds motor power much more usable in tight terrain.

Thank you all for reading this post. In our today’s article, I have provided detailed information about – (iGo Core-Edge Review 2022 – Enjoy the Bike and Enjoy the Life) the life and we hope that this important article presented by us has proved to be very useful for you and you will be able to understand this article easily. If you like the post, please comment and share your opinion with your loved ones.


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